Man gets pushed by friend in the river live on BBC Breakfast

Observant BBC breakfast viewers have spotted a man being shoved into a river as presenter Carol Kirkwood conducted a live interview with Chris Packham. Social media users pointed out the prank in the background where two men are seen appearing to have a leisurely stroll along the river Windrush in the Cotswolds.





One of the men is then pushed into the river by his friend as Kirkwood, unaware of the background blunder, continues her chat with the Springwatch presenter. After a few seconds, the man reemerges from the river and back onto the pavement as Carol and Chris appear to be oblivious to what’s going on behind them.



The blunder also appeared to go unnoticed back in the BBC studio by presenters Charlie Stayt and Steph McGovern. The presenters were in the Cotswalds to talk about the unusual weather and the effect it has on migrating birds. The area is an extremely popular area for bird watching and natural scenery, particularly the village Bourton on Water, often referred to as Venice of the Cotswolds because the river Windrush runs through it.



While some replied to Kirkwood’s tweet with comments on how lovely the scenery looked, other Twitter users were quick to point out the ‘comedy classic’ blunder. ‘Paul McG’ described it as a ‘great way to start the day’. Dianne Little wrote: ‘Loved seeing a man pushed into the water behind you. Funny start to the day.’



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