Man Dressed As Security Guard Opens Fires In Road Rage Incident, Claiming It Was “Self-Defense”

Shocking footage has emerged showing a security guard repeatedly shooting at a truck in an apparent road rage attack.

The incident, recorded between Little York Road and Aldine Westfield Road in Houston, Texas, sees a man dressed in full security guard uniform arguing with a driver of a red truck on the afternoon of 10 June. It all started after the red truck hit him from behind. He got out to talk to the driver and eventually reached inside the car to get the man’s insurance papers.

Officer Dragged By Truck

Moments later, the driver of the truck reverses in an attempt to get away, with the security guard still holding on to the window. The guard, later identified as John Onyeri, then fires through the windshield before shooting several more times as the driver speeds away.

Security Guard Opens Fire

The incident is still under investigation.

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