Man Blesses New BMW By Burning Incense, Car Catches Fire And Gets Burned To A Crisp

Oh dear, BMW owners.

The villains of the car world. No-one wants them to become seriously hurt or injured, but seeing their lives in temporary disarray is quite amusing to every other car owner in the world.

You’ll be delighted to hear news of a man who burned incense to ‘bless’ his new BMW only to set it it completely on fire.

Video of the catastrophe, captured in the Jiangsu city of Yangzhou, has since gone viral on Chinese social media. Within 20 minutes, the man’s 470,000 RMB (roughly $73,000) car had been reduced to a mere pathetic pile of iron crisp.

Burning BMW

Footage from before the fire shows how offerings were placed around the vehicle and a piece of red cloth draped across its hood. The Yangzhou fire department suspects that is where the blaze began, with the man burning incense on the cloth. Reportedly, the car was so new that it did not even have a license plate yet.

BMW Burnt To A Crisp

That is both painful and quite fun to watch.

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