Crocodile Accidentally Bites Off The Homie’s Arm During Feeding Time!

A crocodile has ripped off and eaten another crocodile’s arm during feeding time at a zoo.



Shocking footage shows the moment the crocodile’s limb is twisted until it has broken off, as visitors look on in horror.




The video, believed to be filmed in Australia, shows a zoo handler throwing a fish into the enclosure. Three crocodiles jerk their heads towards the food and while one crocodile grabs the fish another takes hold of a fellow animal’s arm.

The croc then spins around multiple time to dislocate the limb, before ripping it off and eating it.




Visitors can be heard screaming and expressing their shock as they watch the scene unfold.

‘So scary!’ one woman screams. While many other in the crowd exclaim: ‘Oh my god!’ Towards the end of the video another woman can be heard saying ‘Look, he’s bleeding!’

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