People dive for cover after strong winds send portaloos flying

This is the moment a freak gust of wind sends a set of Porta-Potty flying into the air. People were forced to dive for cover after a huge blast of wind whipped through a park in Commerce City, Colorado.



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As they attempted to take cover by lying on the ground, the wind whisked two portable toilets straight into the air and flattened a nearby tent.nLiquid from the Porta Potty spilled out of the cabin as the portable plastic toilets swirled in the air. A man sheltering a child beneath his arms runs in front of the camera seeking shelter.



While a canopy hangs on by its few remaining pegs seemingly seconds away from flying into the air before a group of men hold onto it desperately. Dozens rush for cover as debris and loose objects are sent hurling through the air, and a mother is seen sheltering her child on all fours. The video was shared online shortly afterwards and quickly racked up thousands of views. It is not known where the gust of wind was part of a storm or a freak occurrence, however no one was thought to have been injured.



The freak wind comes months after a 58-year-old 6ft4 Denver man was thrown into the air in a freak Colorado Springs windstorm, putting him into a coma. Joseph Boyer was slammed hard onto the pavement and spent two weeks in a coma suffering a bleed on the brain, bruised organs, fractured ribs and blood clots. He died two weeks later.



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