Guy Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Gr0in While Bending Over

Idiot nearly blows off his junk after negligently discharging his concealed firearm.



Guns are dangerous, and yet people can’t stop being stupid.

In the video, a man in gray shirt can be seen loading his gun. He seems to be in his office, talking to an older man while a female staff sorts through things in the back.




After loading, he tucked the gun onto his pants. He makes his way to the shelves to pick up something. He bends over, and that’s when his gun went off.

After the gunshot, the man shouts from the pain and shock. He later on throws the gun away from his pants.




The woman makes her way to the man and instructs the other guy to call 911. He asks the careless man if he’s been shot, to which he answered he doesn’t know.

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