Dude Was About To Have A Yack Session In A Public Bathroom But It Didn’t Go As Planned!

Now that was surely some mood killer!


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I have two questions for this video. One, why would anyone try to j3rk off in a public rest room? And two, how can there be CCTV cameras in there?

In the video, a man who seems uncomfortable can be seen pacing around the rest room. He was either doubting his plans or checking if it’s safe to do it.




With his phone on his hand, he decided to sit on the sink. He can be seen nervously touching his face before he finally settled down.

He pulled his pants down, and just when he is about to touch his jewel, the sink he was sitting on broke down.




He immediately tried to restore it, even placing trash can underneath to support it. Of course he couldn’t put it back so he just left it on top of the trash can. He then walked away.

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