Orca Sends Stingray A Very Rude Message

This is why you don’t mess with no orcas. Killer whale bitch slaps stingray!



The more orca footage I see, the more I believe they’re the assh0le fratboy bros of the sea.

The photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser recorded an unusual video in California’s Bay. An orca whale seems to deliberately hit the tail of a stingray, as it passes from beside.




In the video, the stingray can be seen peacefully swimming. Two killer whales can be seen approaching, but only one of them made its way to the stingray.

Stingray probably didn’t sense any danger so it stayed where it was. The orca passes by and doesn’t seem to care about the other creature until its body was away and only the tail reaches the stingray. Its tail slapped the stingray fast.




The stingray seemed disoriented after it.

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