Video Shows Moment Moscow Taxi Ploughs Into Football Fans As Drivers Runs Away From Crime Scene

A video has shown the moment a taxi drove into a crowd of people in central Moscow on Saturday, injuring eight people including some Mexicans who are in the city for the soccer World Cup

The terrifying moment a taxi ploughed into a group of football fans gathered in the Russian capital for the World Cup is shown in newly-released CCTV footage.

The vehicle pulls sharply out of stationary traffic before mounting the pavement and colliding at speed with a large group of pedestrians. The driver, named as Analbek Uulu, 28, desperately attempted to flee from the scene before being apprehended by bystanders. Eight people, including two Mexicans, two Russians and a Ukrainian, were injured.

Taxi Crashes Into Crowd

Initial reports claimed the driver may have been drunk. However, Russian news agency Interfax has since quoted an unnamed source who claimed the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and then accidentally pressed the accelerator.

People Left Severely Injured

The same source said tests found no alcohol in the driver’s blood.

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