Cops Suffer Fractured Orbital Bones And Hands After Getting Into A Fight With A Shirtless Madman Running Around Attacking Anyone He Can Find

The East Cleveland police department has released body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting that happened Sunday afternoon.

Officers said that the suspect attacked a woman in the middle of Beersford Road, and also fired shots into the air around 1:30 p.m. “Officers approached, they observed the male striking the female on the ground.

Immediately… as soon as officers got out of their vehicle the suspect charged one of the officers,” said Commander Scott Gardner, of the East Cleveland Police Department. The video released shows the suspect lunging at officers when they arrive on scene.

Suspect Attacks Police

An officer fires at the suspect, and the man continues struggling with officers until he is ultimately handcuffed. Commander Gardner explained that the two officers involved were injured during the incident. One officer has an orbital eye fracture and one officer has a broken hand. Both were treated and released from University Hospitals.

Suspect Immediately Attacks Police

State agents with the Bureau of Criminal investigation and East Cleveland police continue to investigate the incident.

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