Circus Bear Attacks Its Handlers After Being Beaten With Sticks

A circus bear that was being forced to ride around on what appears to be a skateboard has turned on its handlers and attacked them in front of an audience containing children.


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The attack took place in the Village of Olkhovka, which is in the Volgograd region of Russia. The brown bear was also seen to be beaten with sticks by the circus’ animal keepers.




A visibly shocked audience can be heard screaming as the bear rides down a ramp on the wheeled device before turning on the people forcing it to perform. The circus workers beat the bear with sticks after it managed to pin another one of them to the ground.




People at the show said that the animal was visibly agitated and didn’t want to be on the stage or in the arena. The animal was seen to be aggressive with a woman handler before becoming further enraged after being hit with the sticks.

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