Huge Python Tries To Strangle Indian Forest Ranger Posing For Photos

Terrifying video footage has emerged that shows an Indian forest ranger being strangled by a huge python after posing for photos with the snake around his neck and shoulders.



Sanjoy Dutta and his team of forest officers had rescued the 10-metre-long python in Jalpaiguri district, Western Bengal, in front of a crowd of people. Mr Dutta then put the snake around his shoulders and allowed those gathered to take a few photos of him with it.

However, the snake continued to try to constrict him around the neck, eventually succeeding and leaving Mr Dutta feeling lucky to escape with his life.




Once the snake began to attempt to cut off Dutta’s breathing he grasped to loosen the snake’s grip and another ranger tried to pull the snake’s tail and remove it from him.

People in the crowd can be heard screaming in the video footage once they realised the dangerous position that the huge serpent has Mr Dutta in.




However, Dutta eventually escaped from the grip of the snake and the snake was safely released back into the forest.

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