Man creates an ‘optical illusion’ that will blow your mind

This is the mind-bending moment a man seemingly enlarges a ping pong ball in an astonishing ‘optical illusion’. The surreal clip begins with Kerry Parry holding the ball with his left hand between his thumb and index finger.





Mr Parry, of Portland, Oregon, then brings the ping pong ball directly in front of the camera lens, before waving his right hand around behind him, as if to cast a spell. He then reaches downwards with his right hand and grabs onto the ball that was being held between is thumb and finger.



Incredibly, the ball seems to have increased in size to the point where Mr Parry is unable to wrap his fingers even half-way round the object.



The trick is not however the work of sorcery or even an optical illusion and was cleverly created using video editing software.



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