Extreme Dad Reflex: Mike Jone’s Father Rushes To The Racetrack After Son’s Fiery Crash

A SPEEDWAY driver had to be saved by his dad after getting trapped in his burning car halfway around the track.nMike Jones’ vehicle was sent crashing into the walls and spinning out of control after he collided with another driver before going

Sparks began to fly from the car before it was engulfed in flames and Jones was stuck in the vehicle for around 20 seconds. US speedway driver Mike Jones was dragged from the burning wreckage of his car by his dad.

Car Erupts In Flames

Dean Jones then leapt over a fence and got to the car before hauling his son out of the window Jones was trapped in the vehicle for around 15 seconds as fire poured from the bonnet.

Father Rushes To Save Son

But, even with his son clear from danger, the brave father went back into the car to try to help track safety staff kill the flames.

Father Puts Out Flames

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