Frat Bros Take Initiation Ritual A Bit Too Far

Yo wtf are these dumbass college kids doing, smh.


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I understand that building friendship is really important during College days, but what I don’t get is why people need to suffer first before getting some brotherhood?

I’m not saying it’s wrong though, maybe it has deeper meaning? I’m just saying I don’t understand why some initiation rights has to hurt a lot.




Video starts with a man holding some steel rod shaped into what seems like letter ‘M’. The rod has just been heated, we can see the torch there, and rod was still burning.

Man holding the rod makes his way onto a shirtless guy being restrained by couple of other guys. He then pressed the burning rod onto the guy, it lasted for a few seconds.




The shirtless man was clearly in agony. He stays still to the end of the video, probably still taking in the pain.

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