Monkeys Help Save Leopard Trapped In A Well

Animals aren’t usually into helping each other out: it’s a dog eat dog world out there, we’re told, and every creature is out for themselves. In India, however, things appear to be a little different – as this amazing footage seems to reveal.


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It shows a group of monkeys going about their daily business – presumably eating bananas and throwing their own poo at each other – until they notice that a leopard has managed to get itself stuck down a well.




Though they obviously would struggle to get the leopard out themselves (and would probably just end up as lunch if they did) their whooping and hollering manages to attract the attention of nearby humans who come over and save the stricken big cat from a slow death.




When the humans noticed that the leopard was stuck, a rescue operation was mounted that saw a ladder put down the well and eventually, the big cat freed from its predicament.

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