Watch the pecker! Duck launches unprovoked attack on pooch’s private area

This is the hilarious moment a fearless duck launched a surprise attack on an unaware dog and its privates part. Footage filmed in Dezhou, eastern China, shows the daring bird waddling towards the unsuspecting pooch.





And it seems as if the animal knows where will hurt the most, for the duck heads straight for the dog’s unmentionables. The poor pup winces while letting out a yelp of pain and surprise as the bird pecks under the canine. But the person filming the humorous footage certainly doesn’t feel sorry for the dog and instead barks out a belting laugh at the pup’s misfortune.



Turning around quickly, the dog looks to see what caused it such pain yet even when the pooch sniffs the winged-animal the duck remains steadfast.



Quacking at the pup, the bird scares the dog away. The footage was filmed on April 15 last year and have been viewed over 22,000 times on one YouTube channel.



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