Women’s Rugby Produces One Of The Biggest Hits You’ve Seen All Year

This short video comes to us from Brazil, and the Vitória Rugby Club Ladies’ team, who made one of the biggest tackles we’ve ever seen on a rugby field.

They were competing at the Super Sevens 2018 tournament, and this bruising tackle in particular caught out attention. As one of the players makes a run with the ball, number 9 comes running in fast, hitting her with what could be the one of the most brutal tackles in the sport.

Number Nine Comes Rushing

The number nine seen on video making the brutal hit is player-coach Marcela. We don’t know the victim’s name, but after this nightmare shot, we wish her all the best falling asleep at night.

Brutal Womens Rugby Tackle

She will be having nightmares of that tackle for all her life.

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