Dads Go Full Aggro on Each Other at Girl’s Softball Game

I don’t know what’s worse: the a-hole dads fighting as their horrified daughters look on or the screaming moms who think shrieking like a pack of chimpanzees will somehow help.



An enormous, unseemly brawl erupted at a youth softball game in Tennessee, leading to, “a half-dozen men throwing punches and rolling around on the ground.”




The skirmish involved only parents and no players or coaches, but still led to the disqualification of both teams from the tournament in which they were competing, with USA Softball saying they would be barred from future events as well.




According to the program director Todd McLemore, a group of Blue Ridge team parents initiated a verbal confrontation with some Cardinals team parents who they felt were being too vocal in their criticism of the umpire (who they felt was issuing calls that favored Blue Ridge). That led to one parent being pushed down a slope and a Blue Ridge parent striking back, setting off the massive brawl you see above.

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