Man Walking Around The City Wielding A Crossbow And A Knife Is Remains Unfazed By Police Dog — Gets Tasered

The video captured from inside a car shows a dog grabbing the suspect and a cop shouting “armed police, put it down” before at least six officers surround him and he is tasered to the pavement.

The man was reportedly walking around Manchester city with a crossbow and knife at hand, police officers went to investigate considering this man to be a ‘serious threat’ — and they weren’t wrong. In the video, the man can be seen running away as a police dog chomps on his hand and takes him to the ground.

Man Unfazed By Dog Attack

But surprisingly, the man remains unfazed by the K9 biting down on him. The suspect continues to walk along the streets until a total of six police officers took him down with their tasers.

Police Officers Taser The Man

That was a bit of an overkill, but I understand.

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