Hot Air Balloon Explodes Into Flames After Crashing Into Power Lines During Festival

Heart-stopping footage has emerged of a hot air balloon pilot’s incredible survival after crashing into a power line in the US.

Passer-by Brian Karrick filmed the incident during the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest on Sunday morning.

The video shows the balloon flying off-course before becoming impaled on a power line. The crash gives off a deafening boom and sparks an explosion which spread fire to the basket.

Hot Air Balloon Explodes

Despite the burned-out hole in the balloon envelope, the pilot manages to distance the balloon from the power line, while a man can be heard desperately shouting at people to get back. The pilot, flying solo, escaped uninjured, the completion director said in a statement, which did not identify the pilot.

Two nearby fishermen were able to rescue the pilot and get him to safety unscathed. There were no injuries and the balloon was recovered shortly after the incident

Pilot Rescued By Fisherman

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

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