Man In Motirzed Wheel Chair Mows Down Two Elderly Women Before Riding Off

An unusual case of “hit and run,” a London man in a motorized wheelchair appears to have put his chair in reverse and intentionally knocked over two elderly women while they were shopping – first one, and then the other.

Cameras from a nearby store captured the suspect leaving, and authorities have reportedly charged him with two counts of actual bodily harm. The bizarre scene, which happened in London earlier this month, was caught on the CCTV camera of a shop near to the bus stop and shows the scooter drive past the shop before reversing and hitting the two women – who are both in their nineties.

Man Mowns Down To Elderly Women

As the clip continues shocked passers-by can be seen rushing over to try and help the women as the driver of the scooter takes off. Shopkeeper Ian Gooch, whose CCTV caught the whole thing, said he was first alerted to the incident when he heard a ‘commotion’ outside, prompting him to rush outside where he found the two women on the floor.

He later looked at this CCTV footage and called cops.

Suspect Fleds Off

But why?

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