Plain-clothes police officers on scrambler motorbikes grab three moped thugs on a busy roundabout

This is the moment two plain-clothed police officers on scrambler bikes catch up with three moped riders and force them to stop on a busy roundabout. In the clip, recorded on a dashcam from a car behind, two moped riders are seen waiting at a red light on Greengate Roundabout in Manchester.





As the light turns green, the two bikers begin to drive off before a scrambler bike rides across two lanes, crossing both of their paths. The cyclist on the right’s bike rears upwards before the rider runs off across the roundabout. Unfortunately for the other two bikers, another police officer on a scrambler arrives and holds them in place before they can make a dash for it.



A uniformed officer on another bike arrives and begins to indicate to the biker on the roundabout to come back before eventually getting back on his bike and chasing after him.



It is unclear if the motorcyclists were moped thieves or simply being stopped by police for dangerous driving, but many have praised the actions of police and have suggested similar tactics be used to tackle London’s growing moped crime problem.



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