Two Savage Head Kick K.O.s By Female MMA Fighters

These both happened at the 2018 IMMAF Euros. The first is Jenni Kivioja taking out Jessica Forslund Reis. The second is Frida Vastamäki taking out Emanuela Scioli.



If you think you’re having a shit week, take solace in the fact that you aren’t Jessica Forslund Reis, who got absolutely laid the hell out at the 2018 Senior European Championships in Bucharest, Romania last Wednesday.




KOs happen all the time, and aren’t always worth their own dedicated blurb, but trust us, this one—courtesy of a vicious head kick from Finnish fighter Jenni Kivioja—is as merciless as they come.




Woof, we feel woozy just watching that, and apparently the rest of the MMA world did too, with many calling it the most violent head kick KO since Holly Holm effectively ended Ronda Rousey’s career with one swing of the ol’ left boot.

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