‘Wanna See My Special Talent?’ — Girl High On Painkillers Deep Throats Popsicle In Front Of Her Parents

A lovely lady, high off her mind with painkillers unknowingly showed her parents a special skill they probably are not found of…

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“I’m high as bull” the video starts out with those exact words coming from a lady that appears to have gone out from surgery. The next thing that happens is probably something she wouldn’t want to be on the Internet.

Apparently, someone from her family thought it would be sweet to give her a popsicle to calm her nerves. Little did they know, their sweet princess had some majorly naughty talents at her disposal.

Girl High On Drugs

She can be seen, nonchalantly deep-throating the popsicle as her parents can be heard discussing something in the room.

… and just like that, all the popsicles in their freezer were thrown into the rubbish bin. When word spread around the hospital, the doctors formed an orderly queue to witness her special talent at first hand.

Girl Devours Popsicle

College will be great for her.

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