Plumber Gets A Face Full Of Poop After Pipe Breaks While On The Job

This is a video of a plumber in Sweden replacing a sewage relay when he gets blasted in the face with a liquified nightmare proving that being a plumber literally is a ‘sh**y job.’

Most people can’t handle plumbing and for a good reason. Unless you are aware of the possibility of human waste exploding into your face, then don’t be a plumber. Luckily, this guy was and he was a totally good sport about it.

Poop Explosion On Face

While fixing a broken pipe, this plumber suffered an unfortunate fate. He got a surprise blast of raw sewage directly in his face. Amazingly, he managed to see the humor in it all.

Plumber Laughs It Off

Man, there aren’t enough hot showers in the world for me to ever feel okay after that.

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