Owner Pulls Disappearing Trick On His Cat, Cat Loses Its Shit

And yet people think cats don’t care..



You know all those videos of people spooking their dogs with “disappearing?” Here’s how a kitty reacted to the same joke.




A rather silly human played a disturbingly effective peek-a-boo trick upon his beautiful tuxedo cat, who was just hanging out, relaxing luxuriously on the bed. The human waved a blanket over himself and disappeared, which left his very concerned kitty loudly searching all around for him.




When this cat watched his owner disappear behind a blanket, he freaked out and searched for him. He ran all over the house calling for him, but he was only left with the blanket that was lying on the floor. Luckily, his owner popped up again and he calmed down once he was assured he wouldn’t disappear again.

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