Homeless Man Interrupts Woman’s Wonderful Selfie In Rome, Italy

A tourist starts to record her own journey in the lovely city of Rome, Italy, after a hearing a street performer play the piano. Little did she know, someone was waiting nearby to give her the best Italian surprise ever.

Wearing sunglasses and a black top, the lovely lady films herself walking along the Italian street as a street performer beautifully plays the piano in the background. It seems like the perfect picturesque view, Instagram-worthy and what not — well, someone begs to differ.

Roman Selfie

As she spins around, filming herself, a homeless man in the back can be seen eyeing her. But what should’ve been a beautiful reminder of her stay in Rome turned out to be a hilarious viral sensation when the homeless man approaches from behind, wraps his arm around her and gives her neck a little kiss.

You can tell she wasn’t so pleased about it.

Homeless Man Interrupts Selfie

That homeless guy could do much better than that.

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