Drunk Uber Passenger Thinks She’s In Her Own Car, Gets Angry And Smashes Driver’s Phone

This driver had one of the worst nights of his life after picking up 3 people from a booze cruise on New Year’s Eve of 2018.

Michael Reed stopped at a convenience store to pick up three people who were out drinking all night at a New Year’s Eve Party. In the video, a woman in the backseat can be seen lying down, apparently drunk off her mind.

“Shut up, stupid” the woman says,

“Don’t talk to me like that, please” Michael replied as the drunk woman lifts her head and proceeds to curse him out. Apparently, she thinks Michael is in her car and asks him to get out.

Woman Curses Out Uber Driver

Things start to escalate fast as the woman threatens to call her fiancee and continues to insist that Michael get out of her ‘car.’ Her friend does manage to calm her down and they both exit the car.

But the drunk woman grabs Michael’s phone off the dash and smashes into the ground. Her friend had apparently pulled the dash cam out after they existed, so the recording stopped at that point.

Woman Smashes Drivers Phone

Police were able to track down the woman and a case has already been filed against her. Oh, and she had to replace Michael’s phone.

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