Paniced Ostrich Gets Loose and Proceeds To Wreck Havoc On Carnival Crowd In Russia

This is the shocking moment an out-of-control circus ostrich leaps out of the ring and attacks the audience during a performance.

Dramatic footage filmed in Kazan, Russia by an audience member shows an ostrich performing in the circus stage with its handler standing close to it.

The handler runs towards the ostrich shouting at it, causing the audience to laugh. But laughter turned to fear when the ostrich leaped over the barrier before attacking startled spectators – hitting them with its taloned feet. The crowd can be heard screaming as the panicked bird falls over as it tries to escape.

Ostrich Attacks Crowd

Two young children and a man holding a child can be seen running towards the exit. After attempting to calm the audience, the handler leaves the ring before guiding the ostrich back into it.

Father And Son Run Away

It is not known whether anyone was hurt in the incident.

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