Naughty girl pushing her baby sister lets go of her stroller on a slope, sending it crashing to the ground

A ‘mischievous’ girl was caught on camera letting go of her younger sister in a buggy down a slope outside her home in China. The mother bolted and chased after the pram in a desperate attempt to save her younger daughter from injuring.



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The pram hit on some rocks on the pavement and toppled sideways before the mother managed to stop it. The toddler fell on the ground hitting headfirst. Surveillance camera footage was shared online and has gathered more than 1.3 million views since June 26, according to Focus News. A little girl in a pink pinstripe pinafore dress can be seen pushing a small pram carrying her younger sister in front of her house while waiting for her mother.



As soon as she reached the edge of the slope, she suddenly let go of her hands and watched her sibling go down the slope. The terrified mother dashed after the stroller when she was about to lock the door. However, the stroller went faster and faster down the slope and crashed to the ground.



The toddler girl, who was secured with a safety belt, hit the ground headfirst as the stroller toppled. The mother picked her daughter up immediately. It’s believed that the toddler did not suffered any severe injuries. It’s believed the incident happened in a village at a Chinese city.



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