Where’d he go? Bizarre moment motorbiker who hit a turning lorry disappears up into the air

A motorcyclist flipped into the air after a head-on crash with a lorry before landing inside it as it drove away. Dash-cam footage from a passing vehicle captures the bizarre moment the motorcycle crumples as it hits the truck.



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In the clip, the highway maintenance vehicle makes a right turn after a rubbish truck stops to give way. But the driver is unable to see the motorcyclist travelling at ‘well over’ 40mph, according to the driver.



In the footage captured on New Town Row in Birmingham, the motorbike rider slams into the side of the truck and lands inside the vehicle. The riderless bike falls to the ground while parts are sent spinning across the road. ‘I thought, ‘Oh no, he’s gone over into the back of the van,’ explained the truck driver in the aftermath of the crash.’



‘He did a full somersault. I looked into the mirror and I could see him flat-out. He was in shock and was bleeding from his ear. He was taken away in an ambulance.’ The collision took place on as the maintenance vehicle was turning into Manchester Street, at around 9.30am this morning.



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