Looking for a prince? Stuntwoman risks her life by patting and kissing America’s ‘largest alligator’ on his snout

This is the heart-stopping moment a stuntwoman risks her life to kiss an alligator on the nose. In the 90-second video, the daredevil crouches down and pats the 81-year-old alligator on the snout before leaning in for a smooch.





The alligator, named Big Al, is the United States of America’s largest in captivity at 13 feet long.mProfessional stuntwoman Rachel Withers, 31, from Rock Hill, South Carolina, puckers up for one of the world’s most dangerous reptiles, an alligator, in Gator Country, Texas.



Rachel says: ‘When I got there, I had the idea to kiss Big Al! ‘I just thought it would be really cool to handle gators, so I went to the rescue centre, had some training and just went for it! ‘I was nervous beforehand and worried I might fall onto Al’s face. ‘It’s probably the most dangerous stunt I’ve done, especially as Al had bitten someone who went into his enclosure the week before. ‘I have the photo of me kissing it as my phone’s wallpaper to remind myself that I’m a badass when I’m having a rough day and feeling down on myself!’



Rachel says: ‘I’ve always been into crazy stunts and I’ve been doing them for 12 years. ‘Doing stunts is an excuse for me to push my limits and find out what is possible. ‘I’ve done all sorts of crazy stuff once I even set myself on fire and another time I walked on broken glass. ‘Incredibly, I’ve only ever suffered bruises.’



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