Topless man throws himself onto the bonnet of a car and repeatedly headbutts the windscreen

This is the terrifying moment a crazed pedestrian runs up to a car being driven by a learner driver and starts repeatedly headbutting the windscreen. Mitchell Bryan, 18, was driving down a residential street during a mock test when a topless attacker ran into the road and launched himself onto the bonnet.





After sliding part way down the roof, he smashed his head into the windscreen while shouting abuse at the young motorist and instructor Sharon Hopkinson, 57. Sharon then told Mitchell to drive on but to the pair’s horror, the ranting thug chased after them while they were stuck at a red light.



Luckily, the traffic lights turned green before he arrived and they were able to drive away to a police station to report the frightening incident. Sharon, who runs the 5 Star Driving Academy, and Mitchell had been driving in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, when the bizarre attack took place on Sunday.



Derbyshire Police are now appealing for information about the incident and urging anyone who knows the man to get in touch.



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