Damn: Dude Shot A Man While Recording It On Snapchat!

Man livestreams on snapchat an altercation that lead to fatal shooting of another man.


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On June 25, 2018 in Albemarle, North Carolina, two men got into a verbal altercation. One of them was livestreaming on Snapchat.

The insults eventually escalated to deadly force, whereby the streamer, Hasan Akeem Webster, put away his phone and pulled out a loaded gun. When he resumed streaming, the opponent was on the road, bleeding from the chest. Identified as Jason Dennis Braley of Gold Hill, North Carolina, the victim later died.




The video shows what happened before and after the shooting, though the actual shooting is not shown. The two men, who knew each other, got into an argument. Webster pulled a handgun and shot Braley.




The suspect – Hasan Akeem Webster, was reportedly still on the scene when cops arrived. He was arrested and charged with first degree murder, thanks to evidence he himself recorded.

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