FLOP Gear! Lamborghini rolls down busy street and smashes into bar

This is the moment a £150,000 Lamborghini Gallardo rolls down a busy street and smashes into a bar after a pensioner forgot to put the handbrake on. The yellow Italian supercar can be seen on CCTV rolling slowly down a busy street in Hong Kong, as pedestrians, who were about to cross the road, suddenly stop in their tracks.





Noticing there was no one behind the steering wheel, they quickly step backwards, out of the vehicle’s uncontrolled path, as it veers towards a kerb – and a bar where a man sits at an outside table, using his mobile phone. As it approaches the footpath, the man sitting outside D26 bar and restaurant on D’Aguilar Street glances up, and suddenly becomes aware of what is about to happen as he peeks around a pillar at the yellow Lambo.



After trying in vain to hurriedly scramble backwards, he then quickly tries to use the table to block the car as its wheels go onto the footpath, just centimetres from him. Once it has been brought to a halt after colliding with the front of the business, amused bar staff and customers pour out to take pictures of the vehicle, as a large crowd immediately fills the street behind the supercar to see what has happened.



Moments later, an embarrassed-looking pensioner can be seen dashing to the car, and trying to re-start it. With the Lambo’s wheels spinning as he attempts to move his vehicle, passers-by can be seen trying to help the flustered pensioner, and motion with their hands, to show which way he should turn the steering wheel.



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