Moo-ve out of the way! Drunk moped riders crash into a cow and topple off their bike

This is the bizarre moment a moped driver crashes into a cow slowly crossing the street in Russia. Dashcam footage shows two friends riding the scooter in the village of Uznez, in the Altai Territory, late at night.





The driver sees the cow strolling across the main road well in advance but somehow still manages to crash directly into it. The pair were thrown off the scooter during the collision while the startled cow could be seen running away in shock. The man filming the incident can be heard sniggering as he drives past the pair lying on the side of the road.



As the clip begins, the pair can be seen riding slowly down the main road swerving slightly from side to side. They start to drive down a hill and can see the white and brown cow crossing the road from hundreds of metres away.



The moped riders look off balance and start to swerve more as they get closer to the animal. The driver appears to freeze as he drives the scooter directly into the cow, sending him and his friend flying off the bike.



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