That will have dented his pride! Distracted lion loses his footing and tumbles into a pond

King of the Jungle he may be, but even the noble lion is prone to a gaffe or two. In this hilarious video one of the proud beasts takes a tumble  directly into an artificial lake.





Two lions at a German zoo are seen padding around the edge of a body of water inside their enclosure. They are being filmed by visitors on a viewing platform above. Then, in just a second, the lion loses his footing and his balance. He tumbles over the side of a steep drop and into the water.



The big cat pulls itself to the surface looking looking shocked and sodden. His feline friend looks on bemused from the bank before rushing to the edge of the water. ‘How did that happen?’ says one sightseer in German.



The cat starts to swim the apart of the pond he will be able to climb up and his pal makes his way around the edge trying to help but unsure how to. Eventually the beast climbs from the water and gives himself a shake, his pride definitely a little dented.



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