Awkward moment man gets stuck head first in a donation bin

A homeless person had to be rescued by firefighters after being jammed head first in a clothing donation bin in east China on Monday. Video footage of the awkward incident in Nanyang city shows the man’s legs dangling at least 1.5 metre (4.9 feet) off the ground and poking out of the green container’s narrow opening.



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He was allegedly trying to reach the donated clothes inside, but ended up being trapped in the bin for more than an hour. He was also heard screaming for help and moaning in pain as he waited to be rescued with his feet wriggling in the air, the Henan fire department said in a Weibo statement. The man had to use his hands to support his entire weight, according to Dahe Daily. Local police officers and firefighters were seen discussing how to get the man out safely while curious bystanders looked on. ‘Poor guy he’s been stuck for at least an hour!’ one local resident said. ‘My arm! My arm! Arrrrgggghhh!’ The man screamed in pain as firefighters attempted to move his position.



Using shovels and a pair of pliers to break the lock, firefighters were eventually able to open the door at the bottom of the bin. They then pushed both of the man’s legs into the bin and he was finally able to walk out of the container. The bungling man then simply walked away without saying a word probably too embarrassed to speak. He does not appear to be hurt.



The man was also identified to be homeless, according to a Weibo post by Chongqing fire department. As he emerged from the container, the man was revealed to be shirtless. Local residents assumed he just wanted to see if he could take some pieces of donated clothing. But then they all had no idea how he was able to slip through the narrow gap in the first place.



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