Dude Out Here Shooting His Music Video After Being Detained And Cuffed By The Police!

This is the living definition of hard work, dedication.



The man is called A1beam. He was arrested during his music video shoot. That didn’t stop him from rapping as he sits in handcuffs. He has since amassed over 2 million views on Instagram for this video. Also he just got a record deal from this. God works in mysterious ways I tell you.




Video shows the man sitting on a roadside, rapping while handcuffed. Police stands patiently on the side while a man in white jacket films the rapper.

It was pretty nice of that officer to let him keep shooting the video. It kinda looked like the officer was waiting for him to finish, or he was waiting for back up but he was way to relaxed.




Now I’m curious, I have to watch this music video no matter what!

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