Man Doesn’t Tell His Wife That She’s About To Touch An Electric Fence And Oh Boy

This guy decided not to tell his wife that the fence surrounding the pair of horses was electric. She innocently wanted to pet a pair of horses but the universe had greater plans in store for her.



When you’re out on a nature-lovers’ retreat with your husband, the last thing you expect is to find yourself in some kind of animal trouble, especially not with a pair of wild horses.

But that is what happened to one American couple – except in this case the horses were the least of their troubles.




Clearly ready to see how his wife would react to a “charged” surprise, the man says “hell no” when someone suggests that they tell the wife that the fence is electric. She walks up to the horses, excited to pat them, but she gets much more than she had bargained for.




Upon touching the fence, the woman screams and the horses, frightened by the sudden noise, run away. The woman turns back to her husband and says: “I’ve peed my pants!”

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