Vicious 14-Foot Alligator Eats a Smaller Gator

Visitors to Lake Apopka witnessed quite the spectacle while out walking the wildlife trail.



A father and son have filmed the moment they spotted a massive 14-foot alligator devouring a much smaller gator in a Florida lake.

Keith Small and his son Landon were at the Lake Apopka nature reserve in Orange County on Saturday when they noticed the larger gator in the water with something in its mouth.




They started filming before they realized the gator was chewing on one of its own kind. The smaller gator was estimated to be about five feet long.

The tail of the smaller gator could be seen poking out of the larger alligator’s jaws.




The larger gator was filmed thrashing around in the lake before trying to swim away with the torn apart carcass. It eventually pulled the remains of the smaller gator down underneath the water.

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