Video Clip Of Penguin Couple ‘Holding Hands’ Goes Viral

I don’t know about you, but I think my day would be mightily improved by watching a video of two penguins holding hands.



Lucky then, that this video of two penguins holding hands exists to brighten things up as we continue our slow trudge towards the relief of the weekend.




It’s only 47 seconds long, but it’s 47 seconds of pure joy: two penguins, strolling down the beach arm in arm – like an elderly couple leaving a gala ball in their fancy clothes, who have decided to take a romantic stroll down the beach but are a little too drunk to walk comfortably on sand.




According to scientists, Penguins are some of the most monogamous animals out there, with proven relationships that have lasted decades between the fishy, feathery (literal) lovebirds.

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