It’s Too Hot Outside: He Left A Lighter In His Car & This Is What Happened!

This is why you should NEVER leave your lighter in the car on a hot day.



Kayla Lee, from South Carolina, shared the video on Facebook and it has since been viewed over 4.5 million times.

The video of a melted car seat lays bare why you should never leave your lighter in a vehicle on a hot day.




It is understood to have exploded and destroyed the passenger seat as temperatures soared to more than 30C.

The footage shows the full extent of damage to the car. A man can be heard describing where the “metal pieces flew into”, pointing to the holes in his passenger seat.




After leaving one on the front seat of her vehicle, Kayla describes how “it got so hot that it exploded and hit the windshield, leaving a deep long crack”. The damage was so bad they had to replace the windshield.

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