Huge Basketball Fight Breaks Out Between Australia And Philippines In Heated FIBA Qualifying Match

A massive fight erupted during an Australia-Philippines basketball game today. When the dust settled, 13 players were ejected from the FIBA World Cup qualifier—four from Australia and nine from the Philippines.

Before the brawl, the Philippines’ R.R. Pogoy knocked Australia’s Chris Goulding to the floor. This led Australian forward Daniel Kickert to jump into the fray, hitting Pogoy in the face with a forearm. Then the Philippines’ Jayson Castro and Andray Blatche—the longtime Washington Wizards player—jumped in, and the brawl was in full force.


Of special note in the brawl is Australia’s Thon Maker, who attempted a flying kick as he rushed to join the fray.

Flying Kick

The teams brawled up the court to half-court, then back down the court and behind the baseline before security was finally able to break it up. From the Philippines, 10 players were ejected as opposed to Australia’s 3-player ejection.

Brawl Spills Out

Australia ended up winning the game, 89-53. Both teams had already advanced to the next qualifying round.

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