Guy’s Attempt At Insurance Scam Massively Backfires Hilariously

This is the best video ever, isn’t it? Absolutely everything about it is hilarious.

Maybe not for the women who almost became the victim of insurance fraud but… you know what I mean. In fact, looking back, she probably finds the funny side of it because, well, it’s objectively funny.

Here we have dashcam footage of a British motorcyclist (questionable) who reverses back into a car behind him before dramatically throwing himself on the bonnet.

‘What the hell?’ the driver shouts. ‘You idiot!’

Insurance Scammer Fails Hard

The woman confronts the young lad and his mate who is filming the incident for insurance fraud purposes, of course.

The pair berate the woman for ‘running’ over the lad only for her to mug them off by revealing her dashcam. ‘I’ve got a camera,’ she says. ‘Do you understand you are on video, you complete idiot?’

Dumbfounded, the two scarper off.

Scam Caught On Video

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