Man Driving Scooter Flies 30 Feet In He Air After Car Crash, Gets Up Like Nothing Happened

A scooter driver survived a collision with a minivan in Wenzhou, China. CCTV caught the high-speed moment the man flew off his scooter — and quickly got back up.

CCTV footage from an intersection in China shows the brutal moment a scooter driver gets t-boned by a speeding mini-van. The man is sent flying nearly 30-feet from the collision point, his scooter becoming a total wreck in the process.

Scooter Gets T Bone

But amazingly, he managed to get up as if nothing happened. He quickly got back up his feet and suffered only minor injuries as the mini-van driver checks up on him and calls emergency crews to the scene.

He Manages To Get Up

Too bad for his scooter.

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