Holy Crap, Watch This Gulper Catfish Swallow A Fish Its Own Size

The gulper catfish is, as it turns out, incredibly aptly named.



This catfish gulping down a fish as big as itself has been caught on camera at an aquarium in Indonesia.

The predator gulper catfish easily consumes the fish within a matter of seconds. It pounces so quickly that there is no time at all for the other fish to react.




The 50-second video, which has been posted online, shows the gulper catfish briefly circling its prey before it extends its mouth and latches on to the head of the other fish.

The other fish thrashes around in the water as it tries to free itself from the catfish’s jaws. But it is not enough to shake off the predator, which slowly devours its prey – inch by inch.




Even while feeding, the catfish carries on swimming – and swallowing – until the very last scale has been eaten.

By the end of the video the catfish has almost doubled in size after expanding its highly-stretchable stomach to make room for its extra-large meal.

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