Meanwhile At The Junkyard: Dude Finds An Armored Cartel Truck Used For Smuggling And Involved In Some Heavy Action!

It’s immediately apparent that some shady stuff happened in and to this vehicle.



If you’ve ever been able to wander around in a junkyard, you might notice that sometimes, you come across something good and unique.




Because all sorts of different cars have been wrecked and taken to these yards, sometimes, even the most unique among machines can end up here. One of those machines was exactly what was found in this junkyard and, as our explorer takes us on a tour, you might be questioning what he’s talking about at first but it later becomes even more clear.

Man seems to have stumbled across a vehicle that once belonged to some cartel.




At first you might wonder why he thought so, but upon further inspection which shows bulletproof glass, doors that were welded together, and a couple of other small touches that you wouldn’t find in just any car, you might agree that the car have been strapped up to go to war and, if those bullet holes are any indication, a war that this vehicle actually went through.

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