They’re both clowns, they should open a circus! Bizarre car park crash caught on dashcam divides the internet

A minor scrape between two vehicles in a car park has the internet in uproar over which driver was in the wrong. Dash cam footage of the crash shows a white Ford reversing out of a parking bay while a Honda driver is driving into the bay directly next to it.





The Ford driver clearly doesn’t see the other vehicle reversing and slams into the side of it. The two cars stop after the scrape before the white Ford finishes turning in. The footage was taken by a driver who had their car facing the parking bays where the incident unfolded. It was posted to Facebook and quickly caused a heated debate.



Most people found common ground in agreeing that the white Ford was in the wrong. ‘Totally the white cars fault. The SUV was half in the bay already when the white car started to move. The white car didn’t look at all,’ one person commented.



But an intense debate emerged around whether the Honda was also to blame. ’50/50 both clowns… they should open a circus!’ wrote one person. ‘How is the Honda a clown for trying to park? The only clown is the [Ford] driver. Who the hell full locks their wheels before they even start moving?’ wrote another user, replying to the comment. According to the AAMI Crash Index 13.14 per cent of accidents in WA alone are caused when a driver is reversing.



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